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School Runs started as weekly fictional blog posts firmly rooted in my reality of daily school runs in one of London’s independent schools.

After I finished writing Rachel’s story, it only felt natural that the next chapter on my “School Runs” journey should include a platform that would accommodate all the different spinoffs and ideas that project was moving towards and transforming into.

On this website, apart from Rachel’s story, you will find weekly articles covering financial independence and modern sustainable lifestyle tips and suggestions. Hopefully, fairly soon I’ll be able to turn “School Runs” into a short film, at the very least (filmmaking is my first love).

If you want to read “School Runs” e-book, you can download it right here. If you don’t want to download the whole e-book, you can venture to the same page to find all the “School Runs” chapters.

Thanks so much for stopping by, happy indulgence. 

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