About School Runs Project

The School Runs is a multimedia and multiplatform project, which I began in 2018 by publishing weekly short stories. The stories chronicle Rachel’s journey of re-discovering her confidence and rebuilding financial stability after her unexpected separation from her husband, which nearly ruined her financially. I wanted Rachel’s story to empower women to re-think their financial security outside of their marriage or partnership.

Once Rachel’s story was completed, I felt blogging about personal finance would enhance the project’s outreach while helping women understand personal finances. The blogs draw on my personal experience of seeking financial independence and stability.

“School Runs”, the feature film script, is the third element of that project. Currently, I’m developing a short script based on the feature script, which I will shoot at some point.

From the inception of the School Runs project, my objective has been to support women in learning about personal finances and investments in an easily accessible way. Women are often kept out of financial conversations because of gender bias, lack of learning opportunities and time. Learning about personal finances doesn’t need to be unnecessarily complex or too time-consuming. Learning about and creating financial independence and stability grows confidence, offers real-life choices and gives women a voice. Creating financial stability and security is the best we can do to protect our freedoms and women’s rights globally now and in the future.