School Runs Chapters

About School Runs

When Rachel’s husband’s start-up took off, she put her promising career on hold to look after their daughters. She loved being at home with the girls. But once they started school, to avoid insanity, she followed in the footsteps of so many before her. She devoted her entire energy and time into supporting the girls’ school and the school’s community.

Nonetheless, Rachel’s life is thrown upside down, when she learns about her husband’s affair with another mother from the school, who also happens to be someone she truly hates.

When the news breaks out, Rachel is caught off guard by lack of support from her school girlfriends, who openly believe she should turn a blind eye and let the affair slide.

Over the years, Rachel lost a lot of her confidence and stamina, but deep down she knows that looking the other way isn’t in her true nature. After a period of indecisiveness and confusion driven by fear over her livelihood, and despite her limited options, Rachel chooses to separate from Jim.

The separation is just the first step on Rachel’s re-discovery journey that will bring her joy and sorrow with a pinch of sweetness that financial and emotional independence carries.

Chapter 1 – The First Week of School
Chapter 2 – My Knee Is In Pain Again
Chapter 3 – So The Drama Begins
Chapter 4 – The Investigation
Chapter 5 – The Brief History
Chapter 6 – Passive Aggressive Parents
Chapter 7 – Playdates
Chapter 8 – The Networking
Chapter 9 – The Different Groups of Parents
Chapter 10 – The Christmas Preparation
Chapter 11 – New Year, New Me
Chapter 12 – The Meetings
Chapter 13 – The Workshops
Chapter 14 – The Change Is Coming
Chapter 15 – My Baby Brother to The Rescue
Chapter 16 – School Runs
Chapter 17 – Going Dancing
Chapter 18 – My First Date In Years
Chapter 19 – The Date and Other Things on My Mind
Chapter 20 – Homeschooling Efforts
Chapter 21 – Taking A Break
Chapter 22 – Jim Wants to Talk
Chapter 23 – Pushing Through the Comfort Zone
Chapter 24 – Saying Yes Is an Art Form
Chapter 25 – Getting Ready to Move
Chapter 26 – It Is Finally Happening
Chapter 27 – One Door Closes Another Door Opens
Chapter 28 – School Runs: Epilogue